My first blog entry

This is my first blog entry. I’m not exactly sure why I’m starting a blog. I mean I don’t expect to be particularly good at blogging. Nor to I expect my blog entries will be especially interesting. So…. I guess that means I don’t plan on becoming a blog super star and with these low expectations I’m sure to meet all my goals.

I guess a little about myself is in order. I am a professional programmer by trade. Well, maybe semi-professional. I currently code in Java maintaining and enhancing the web site of a major retailer. I’ve been a software engineer for thirty some years and have worked with languages ranging from IBM 360 assembly to Java.

I’m married and live with my wife, a couple of cats, and three parrots. When Confucius originally said, “May you live in interesting times” he wasn’t talking about me (really!) but he might have been. Living with birds and cats (don’t get me started on wives!) makes life interesting.

That’s about it. Just an average guy whose life can be summed up in two paragraphs.


One Response to My first blog entry

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