Tom Cruise on my mind


I was thinking this morning about Tom Cruise. No, I’m not gay and, allegedly, neither is he. I was listening to a random shuffle of tunes from my iTunes and Take My Breath Away by Berlin came on. It got me thinking about Top Gun and all the great Tom Cruise movies like Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men, and Risky Business. It made me realize that I’m a Tom Cruise fan, or at least I used to be.

I generally try not to let my opinions of artists personal lives affect how I feel about their work. For example, I like most of Madonna’s music even though I think she’s a moron. Well, Tom has been making this pretty hard to do lately. I don’t have a problem with his religion. I don’t have a problem with anyone’s religion but Tom wants to make his religion my problem. He wants to make it your problem too. Plus, he’s forgotten how to make really good movies.

So, I guess I’m no longer a Tom Cruise fan but at least I can still watch his old movies.


One Response to Tom Cruise on my mind

  1. Joxe says:

    I have read so many lies about Tom Cruise in the press this past year that I don’t believe anything they say anymore. If they were true he would probably have married Katie about 2000 times. He would have eaten lots of placenta which he only said as a joke while laughing on a TV interview I watched. He would have split with Katie 3000 times. And many many more. All of his movies would have sunk at the box office while the statistics still show his movies are international hits of one or another magnitude, but International box office HITS. All these lies and attacs towards him had made me start to think about what is really going on here. Why so many lies? Why so many attacks? It doesn’t make sense that suddenly everybody has turned so evil. Well, I suspect he might have been right when he attacked psychiatry last year and now they are attacking back covertly. It’s the only explanation that makes sense to me. He said the truth and that could put their multi billion drug business in danger. Ouch!! So I am starting to consider Tom as a very brave man who faced all alone the global fraud of psychiatry and who is now paying for having dared to face the multi billion dollar psychiatric drug industry fraud!! Don’t accept to be brainwashed by the media lies anymore. Let’s all USE our brains and honestly investigate and find the TRUTH behind! I have already been doing some research and you wouldn’t believe the evidence I found so far…it’s really scary.

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