A logo at last?

August 26, 2006



Tom Cruise, Redux

August 24, 2006

The really great thing about writing a blog that no one reads is that you can pretty much say anything you like and not take any heat for it.

A while back I blogged my feelings about Tom Cruise. I didn’t think I was attacking Tom, I was just moaning about the quality of his movies since he stopped being an actor and started being a religious spokesperson.

Well, someone named Joxe noticed and took me to task for it. Now I don’t believe that Joxe is this persons real name. It’s probably something much more run of the mill. Maybe it’s Tom. And Tom, I mean Joxe is sick of people attacking Tom Cruise by telling lies. To be fair, according to Joxe, I’m not the only one telling lies about Tom. Everyone is doing it!

Joxe points out that “…it doesn’t make sense that everyone has suddenly turned so evil“. I tend to agree with Joxe, it doesn’t make sense. Did I turn evil without even noticing?

Joxe then goes on to reveal the extensive research he has done around the field of psychiatry and how he now believes Tom Cruise is right about the global fraud that is going on. Apparently the global fraud also extends to the drug industry.

OK, these are areas that I totally missed in my initial attack on Tom. In fact I have no idea what Tom thinks about psychiatry, drug companies, or global fraud. And you know what? I don’t give a crap. I don’t use the services of a psychiatrist, I don’t use drugs, and I’m not smart enough to spot a global fraud. How would I know about these things, I don’t have extensive experience as an actor! I haven’t even done any research.

So Joxe, I didn’t intend to attack Tom and I’m sorry for turning evil. I still wish Tom would stop pushing religion and start making good movies again. By the way, I’m not singling Tom out here. I believe what I believe and I worship (or not) in my own way. I don’t want anyone pushing what works for them on me. I don’t want sales pitches from Tom, George W. Bush, or even Elle MacPhearson. OK?

I’ve thought it over and I’m going to make an exception for Elle MacPhearson.

Java 5 – A Big Step Sideways?

August 22, 2006

Think Java 5 is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Read what Shai Almog has to say about it here.

I have to admit that I have long agreed with almost everything Shai has to say but could never have expressed it as well.

Thank God someone is keeping track of this …

August 22, 2006

As reported by MSNBC:

Nine homosexual characters are depicted in network-TV series scheduled for the 2006-07 season, a decrease from last year’s 10, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD?) said Monday.

I’m sorry but this is just almost too stupid for comment. Oh well, I guess I’m just stupid enough to say something.

My first thought was, “Who gives a crap!“. Honestly, how many characters in network-TV pleasure themselves by hand or, as Janet Evanovich might say, “Shake hands with the devil“? I’ll bet a hell of a lot fewer than nine. At least if we’re counting open devil shakers (would that be “out of the cinema?”). Where’s the Devil Shakers Alliance (DSA) during this outrageous inequality?

I would hope that all the characters on network TV were there because of their ability to contribute to the value of the program and not as representatives of GLAAD, or DSA for that matter. GLAAD might want to focus instead on merging with DSA to increase their political clout (GLAAD HAND?).

Maybe in past generations humans were too consumed with things like survival to worry about the ratio of homosexuals to heterosexuals on network TV. Somehow I think they were better for it.

And Janet, if you’re still reading – I just love both you and Stephanie.

Pocket Parrot

August 18, 2006

My little Amelia is such a pocket parrot:

Burt Rutan readies SpaceShipTwo

August 13, 2006


Here’s a great interview with Burt Rutan talking about his current work on the SpaceShipTwo project.

I had the opportunity to listen to a keynote Burt gave at BEAWorld 2005 in Santa Clara and he is certainly an inspiring speaker. After his talk I was able to meet Burt and talk with him for several minutes.


Burt, it turns out, also has an African Grey Parrot. I’ll bet that’s where he gets a lot of his ideas about flying!

If you are interested in the work Burt has done with the SpaceShipOne project and how he won the X Prize I recommend this DVD set from the Discovery Store.

Using final for ctor and setter arguments

August 12, 2006

Tor Norbye has a nice discussion on the use of final for constructor and setter arguments here. I couldn’t agree more with Tor on this. I’ve been coding like this for more than a year now. I actually use final in many places now that never occurred to me before:

  • On local variables that shouldn’t change.
  • On method parameters (almost always).
  • On variables representing constants (or course!).

I’ve lost count of the number of times this trick has saved me. It reminds me of my old C/C++ days when people were always getting caught by code like this:

if (myVar = 0)

This, of course, is not only always false but also destroys the current value of myVar. I realized that my if statements frequently contained a literal value and trained myself to code the above like this:

if (0 = myVar)

which, of course, caused a compile error making me catch my mistake of using = rather than == before my code got to the test stage (or later).

Of course Java protects us from foolishness like the above but, as Tor points out, it is still possible to step on your own foot.

I first stumbled on how useful (and efficient) final could be reading Hardcore Java by Robert Simmons, Jr. I would recommend this book to you based on the discussion of final alone.

Anyway, nice job Tor, if you’d only learn how to line up your curly braces we’d be totally on the same page. 🙂