Stephen J. Cannell, Rediscovered!

Of course, like most of the world, I’ve known who Stephen J. Cannell was for a long time. I mean, come on, STEPHEN CANNELL of TV Shows like The A-Team, Hunter, 21 Jump Street, and, Dorian’s favorite, The Rockford Files.

But several months ago I rediscovered Stephen J. Cannell through his novels. I mean, holy crap, I didn’t even know the guy wrote novels, but he does. And, in my opinion, they are great novels. Over the past few months I’ve read almost all of the books he has available and I am really dreading the day when I catch up to him. Stephen’s a fantastic writer but I’ll bet I can read ’em faster than he can write ’em.

Ok, so Stephen is a talented writer with multiple media appeal. Well here’s something even more amazing. Stephen is dyslexic and he not only chose to be a writer but has been phenomenally successful at it.

Stephen, you are ‘da man!


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