Horehound Drops

When I was a youngster (no comments!) my grandfather always gave me Horehound Drops. I know, it’s a funny name and it doesn’t really make much sense but I never really thought about it. I grew up being offered Horehound Drops, which were hardtack candy in a couple of flavors, and they just seemed normal to me. It has been a long time since I’ve thought of Horehound Drops and even longer since I’ve had one.

I got to wondering if they were still available so I started searching for them. I learned that a Horehound is a plant which is a member of the Mint family. Looks more like a weed to me and I’ve probably been cutting Horehound down for years.


I also learned that Horehound can be carried on your person to protect against spells and sorcery. The candy Horehound probably doesn’t have these properties but I might stop chopping down the weed Horehound.

Anyway, I found them. You can even buy them by the case which, I guess, GrandPa did. So if you’ve never had a Horehound Drop, or if you have and, like me, your GrandPa is not longer around – order some and enjoy. Don’t let the funny name scare you.



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