Thank God someone is keeping track of this …

As reported by MSNBC:

Nine homosexual characters are depicted in network-TV series scheduled for the 2006-07 season, a decrease from last year’s 10, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD?) said Monday.

I’m sorry but this is just almost too stupid for comment. Oh well, I guess I’m just stupid enough to say something.

My first thought was, “Who gives a crap!“. Honestly, how many characters in network-TV pleasure themselves by hand or, as Janet Evanovich might say, “Shake hands with the devil“? I’ll bet a hell of a lot fewer than nine. At least if we’re counting open devil shakers (would that be “out of the cinema?”). Where’s the Devil Shakers Alliance (DSA) during this outrageous inequality?

I would hope that all the characters on network TV were there because of their ability to contribute to the value of the program and not as representatives of GLAAD, or DSA for that matter. GLAAD might want to focus instead on merging with DSA to increase their political clout (GLAAD HAND?).

Maybe in past generations humans were too consumed with things like survival to worry about the ratio of homosexuals to heterosexuals on network TV. Somehow I think they were better for it.

And Janet, if you’re still reading – I just love both you and Stephanie.


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