Guys just want to have fun too

I’ve posted in the past about the technical podcasts that I listen to and some people have gotten the impression that all my podcasts are technical. Well, okay, one person got that impression but that is approximately 50% of my readership!

This concerns me greatly and being a big fan of man on the street polls I stopped a random individual wandering around my house and ask about this. The answer I got was that I spend too much time listening to technical crap (thanks honey).

Now I must protest. I listen to a lot of entertaining, non-technical podcasts. Among my favorites are several from NPR because I’m a well rounded sophisticated guy. I listen to the NPR Story of the Day and I’m just crazy about Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.

I also listen to The Dawn and Drew Show on a regular basis. This might surprise some people (OK, one person) but I find the show hilarious. If, like me, you’re not easily offended give them a try. Or, as Dawn might say, “Listen up bitches“.


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