Get Real, Real


Every summer my wife likes to watch what is going on in the Big Brother house so I sign up for the 3 month subscription to RealPlayer Superpass for her. I plunk down my 40 bucks knowing that in three months I’m going to have to spend 20 minutes on the phone trying to cancel my subscription.

You see, Real likes to have you talk with an operator to inform you of all the advantages of having a SuperPass. The assumption, of course, is that you must not understand all the features you have or you wouldn’t be trying to cancel. Either that or you’re just plain stupid. I’m squarely in the plain stupid camp.

Anyway, this year I logged in to my Real account and find a link that says Click here to cancel your account. Fantastic! I take back all the bad words I’ve used about Real.

I give it a click and it takes me to a screen that gives me a phone number to call to cancel my account. Way to go Real, what technology are you using, Web 0.5?

So I call the number knowing that I’m going to be in for a full court sales pitch. The phone is answered after about 2 minutes (not bad) and I find that Real has even more tricks up their sleeve. The operator doesn’t speak English! I kid you not. Some of the words sounded like they might be English but I couldn’t be sure. I did my best to convey my intention to cancel my SuperPass and listened to a stream of gibberish.

This is really hitting below the belt Real. I mean, come on, I’m speaking common, everyday, American English. it’s not like I’m trying to cancel my account using some distant seldom used dialect like Australian or Texan.

The call finally ended and the agent told me that I would be receiving an email confirming the cancellation of my SuperPass. Either that or she was thanking me for signing up for lifetime renewal of my SuperPass.

I’ll have to wait for the e-postman to find out.


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