BEAWorld 2006

BEAWorld is being held in San Francisco in a couple of weeks but sadly I won’t be attending this year.

Last years conference was in Santa Clara and was both educational and fun. I met Juan Andrade and had a really good time hanging out with him. Juan and I are both big believers in free beer (freedom too if RMS is reading) and BEA was happy to oblige.

CIMG0037.JPG 200609101933

If you don’t know who Juan is he is one of the original BEA employees and part of the group who designed and built Tuxedo while at Bell Labs. The book on Tuxedo he co-authored is still good reading. Currently Juan is Chief Security Architect for BEA Systems.

I also met blogging super-star Cameron Purdy who was working the booth for his company Tangosol. Cameron is a really nice guy and never has a cross word to say about anyone. I should try to be more like that.

I’m really sorry not to be attending this year but I’ll be there in spirit. Juan, the free beer is on me.


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