So Long Ann

Ann Richards, former Texas governor and life long excellent human being passed away a couple of days ago. I didn’t know Ann. Actually that’s not right, I knew Ann very well, she just didn’t know me.

Ann was elected Texas governor in 1990 and was handed such a mess that she spent her entire term cleaning it up rather than changing the things she wanted to change. All of those things were put on hold for her second term, a term which never came. You see, Ann felt very strongly about people carrying guns. So much so that when the state legislature passed a right-to-carry law Ann vetoed it. It was a gutsy move but was not too popular in Texas.

As a result of her veto and bad press put out by the NRA Ann lost her reelection bid in 1994 to George W. Bush. Yeah, that “W” Bush. “W” quickly undid almost everything Ann had accomplished starting with the right-to-carry law. And you wonder why they say “Don’t Mess with Texas“.

“W” used his governorship as a stepping stone to the White House and the rest, as they say, is history.

I can’t help but think how different this world might be if Ann had done the political thing rather than the right thing when the right-to-carry bill crossed her desk. But, that’s just not how Ann worked and I respected her for it.

Now she’s gone and we’re all a little poorer without her.


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