Spelling Misteaks


There are some people in this world who just intuitively know how to spell almost any word. Few know how to spell every word or Spelling Bees would never end. I almost got to join this select group but, where-ever we are before we are here, I must have missed a class or two.

I have this uncanny, at least uncanny to me, ability to look at almost any word and know if it is spelled correctly or not. The problem is that, usually, if a word is misspelled I have no idea how to spell it correctly. Pretty weird, eh?

I can tell you, it leads to no end of frustration. I really envy the prodigious mass of humanity who merrily misspell words left and right and are never aware of the errors. I have to misspell words and stare at them moronically knowing I don’t have the ability to correct them.

I came that close to the brass ring and missed! It really makes me sick.

My grammar ain’t that good neither.


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