Way to go MSNBC

MSNBC has long restricted its video playback to users of Internet Explorer. If you attempted to view an MSNBC video using another browser you would get a popup telling you that you needed to upgrade to the latest version of internet Explorer, or some such rot.

I refuse to use the brain dead IE and had come to accept that I would never watch a video on MSNBC. Now I will admit that on the odd occasion that a video sounded too good to pass up I did fire up IE and watch it. But it always pissed me off.

Actually it had gotten to the point that I mostly ignored anything on MSNBC that had the tag VIDEO.

Well apparently without any fanfare (at least no one told me) MSNBC has started a beta with new video playback technology that works on non-IE browsers. Here’s a capture from Firefox running on OS X:


You may be wondering how I learned of this development. I accidently clicked on a video link and it worked! Now I have to go change my pants.

Update: Ok, I discovered it still doesn’t work with Safari, but Firefox is a good start.


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