Cowsill Saturday

So, I was sitting here honing my considerable skills of doing nothing and a thought occurred to me – What ever happened to The Cowsills?

Ok, I know I could do an Internet search but I’m way too lazy for that. So, I’ll just make up some shit. Ha ha – just kidding – an Internet search is well within my limited skill set and then I can clue you in on shit other people made up.

For those of you who have no idea who The Cowsills are/were (and you’re still reading, why?) they were a pop group composed of members of – wait for it – the Cowsill family. Kind of like the real life Partridge Family minus the red haired kid who grew up to become Danny Bonaduce.

The group was composed of Barbara Cowsill, the mom, and her kids Susan, Billy, Bob, John, and Barry. Their crowning achievement, and probably what they are best known for, is the music for the 60’s rock musical Hair.

While conducting armchair research on this subject I discovered that there is currently a movement to have The Cowsills nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is awesome and I encourage you to lend your support to this effort.

Another fun fact I discovered is that The Cowsills lived on a farm which apparently still makes jelly. How much land do you suppose it takes for a jar of jelly to graze?


Finally, and with much sadness, I learned that some of The Cowsills have passed on to the big rock show in the sky. Barry Cowsill died last year in New Orleans during or shortly after Hurricane Katrina. He was only 51. There was a time in my life when 51 seemed pretty old but, these days, it’s well within the only 51 category.

I don’t know if we’ll see a big revival of Cowsill’s music but I’d like to see them in the Hall of Fame – maybe Shirley Jones and her TV kids could host the event. What is Susan Dey up to anyway – ah, I’m way to busy to think about that today.

So, support the Hall of Fame effort, buy some Cowsill CD’s, and order some jelly.

Don’t sit there staring – get to it!


One Response to Cowsill Saturday

  1. Kate L says:

    I periodically look to see what shows up new on a Google search for Barry Cowsill. Having read the first 18 pages, I usually start near the end. Lo and behold, I came upon this and wanted to thank you for writing something positive about “my beloved Cowsills”. They are the most amazing, resilient and nicest people in the world–especially to their fans who they interact with personally. I and about a dozen others are flying from around the country in January for our annual “Bob Cowsill Bash”. Bob gets a band together, reserves a pub in LA for the occasion and plays us a concert. Susan is also amazing–I went to a house party with her this summer and she played a two-hour set for everyone there. By the way, their NEW music is fabulous & if you’re a fan from the old days, I urge you to purchase two new CD’s–you won’t regret it. The first is “Global” by The Cowsills (comprised of Bob, Paul, Susan & John). This is a GREAT powerpop album and can be purchased from or the Robin Records website. The second is Susan’s new CD called “Just Believe It”–she has a website at She is an awesome songwriter with a powerhouse voice–hard to believe she used to be the little pixie in the family band!
    Again many thanks and best regards from Kate L.

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