iPod Nano Software Downgrade 1.3

Let me start at the beginning. First the earth cooled and then not much happened until Apple invented the iPod. The iPod revolutionized the portable music industry but, even more important, made portable audio books a reality.

OK, sure, I’d been listening to audio books before I had an iPod but my 1st generation 10GB iPod changed everything. I had a means to carry audio books with me and listen to them anywhere.

The only problem with my original iPod was that it had a tendency to forget the current position in an audio book. On a 3 minute song this isn’t that big of a deal but on an 8 hour audio book it tends to piss people off.

As the years went by I learned to live with this iPod disability. Each time I’d listen to songs or sync the iPod I’d carefully note the current position of my audio book so I could manually reset it after the iPod forgot it. This got to be second nature.

About a year ago I bought an iPod Nano and discovered that in the intervening 5 years Apple hadn’t made any progress with this problem. The Nano was just as st00pid in remembering audiobook position as my original 10GB.

Then – a miracle – iPod updater 1.2 was released for the Nano and fixed the position memory problem. No kidding it actually worked. Of course, 1.2 had a bug that would freeze the menu system for a few seconds when resuming playback of an audiobook but at least it maintained my position. I happily lived with the periodic freezes never knowing if they were related to the position miracle or not.

It got to the point that I no longer even took notice of my book position. After all, iPod’s got my back!

Then, just when you thought it was safe to trust Apple again, I received iPod Nano updater 1.3. 1.3 fixes the menu freeze problem – Yay! Unfortunately it does this by returning to the forgetful nature of iPods past. Yep, updater 1.3 reverts the software to once again forget your audio book position. Of course 1.3 offers a whole slew of features for the Nike iPod, whatever the hell that is, but, for me it is just a huge downgrade.

How can an innovative company like Apple not have solved this problem after 5+ years?


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