Judith Reagan: Why I Did It

Ok, so you’ve probably heard of the big brouhaha about the publishing of O.J. Simpson’s book “If I Did It“. Now assuming for a minute, and that’s about my limit for this assumption, that Mr. Simpson didn’t murder Ms. Brown and Mr. Goldman why would I believe for a second that he would have any expertise or insight into how it was done, or should have been done? Seriously, who gives a rip how Simpson thinks his wife should have been murdered?

In my opinion what this is all about is a guy trying to cash in on his celebrity and pocket some bucks. Lots of celebrities do this but most manage to do it without rehashing a horror that many Brown and Goldman family members have been trying to put behind them.

So, as far as I’m concerned, we know why O.J. is writing this book but who in the world would he possibly get to publish it? Judith Reagan of ReaganBooks to the rescue. We don’t have to wonder why Ms. Reagan is publishing this book, she’s making the media rounds to insure that everyone knows. It seems when the person Reagan refers to as “The Killer” approached her about writing a book, Reagan’s first thought was that she could get O.J. to confess in public. She was so sure of this that she put up $3.5 million so that we, the general public, and the Brown/Goldman families could finally have some closure on this subject.

Reagan’s stated reasons for publishing this book:

  1. The book would be titled “Why I Did It“.
  2. O.J. would confess to the crimes.
  3. The money would go to O.J.’s children.

Oh Judith, you are such a noble person, helping humanity like this without any consideration for yourself. Unfortunately for us, and Judith, here’s what is actually happening:

  1. The book is titled “If I Did It“.
  2. O.J. does not confess to the crimes but blames them on someone he calls Charlie.
  3. The money went directly to O.J. who will spend it as he sees fit. Maybe on his children.

It seems that Judith Reagan is suffering a little from the Ken Lay syndrome. Either she can be an opportunistic money grubber profiting from the suffering of others or she is a noble but naive publisher who got schnookered by that slippery devil O. J. “The Killer” Simpson.

I’ve already jumped to a conclusion, you can jump to your own. When you land, watch out for my toes.


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