Stephen King’s Greatest Rock Songs of All Time

May 24, 2007

This week’s Entertainment Weekly published Uncle Stevie’s list of the top 24 greatest rock songs of all time. This is an interesting list and I find myself agreeing with a lot of Steve’s picks. One that caught my eye was “I Want to Help You Ann” by Lyres. Now I have to admit that, not only have I never heard of this song, I have never heard of Lyres. So, I headed over to the iTunes Music Store for a quick demo. All I can say is – we’ll it’s loud!

In the final analysis though I have to discount Steve’s list. Even though Steve is in a semi-rock band himself (any band including Dave Barry is, of necessity, semi) he just didn’t get this list right. Any list of the top rock songs that fails to mention “Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows or Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” can’t be taken seriously.


iPhone Wins National Design Award

May 21, 2007

The Apple iPhone, which is not available until the end of June, has been awarded a National Design Award by Cooper-Hewitt. Apparently the category is Best Cardboard Replica of a Future Phone Product.

Size Does Matter!

May 20, 2007


Those British are such cards!

May 5, 2007


ATG Insight Live 2007 – Day 2 Dinner

May 2, 2007

For dinner on Tuesday we were bussed to the Lownes Grove Plantation. This was a fantastic antebellum mansion in Charleston that was filled with remarkable antiques. The mansion currently serves as a bed and breakfast and is for sale – $7.5 million. An me without my checkbook!


ATG Insight Live – Day 2 Keynotes

May 1, 2007

The main keynote this morning was Chris Anderson, Editor-In-Chief or Wired Magazine. Chris presented his research, as well as his book, on The Long Tail theory of eCommerce marketing. Chris’s research shows that using the digital marketplace offers opportunities for increased profits by selling less popular products that can’t demand shelf space in a brick and mortar establishment. Research shows that, for these type of products, margins and customer satisfaction are higher than with best-sellers but volume is lower. Chris gave as examples the different marketing strategies between Blockbuster Video and Netflix where the latter takes a “sell less with more” approach to eCommerce.

Overall this was a very interesting presentation.

ATG Insight Live 2007 – Day 1 Dinner

May 1, 2007

The day 1 Insight dinner was held at the Charleston Aquarium. Some of the exhibits were closed, the animals needed some sleep – imagine that! Anyway, dinner was excellent (especially the giant Coconut Shrimp) and the surroundings were fantastic. Oh, and did I mention free booze?