MIA, Not!

I’ve been a little MIA lately but I have a bunch of good excuses. We’ve been busy shopping the Apple store at my house and we have a ton of new toys to play with. Dollie and I each scored a new MacBook which, IMHO, is probably the best value in notebook computers today. I then topped myself by dragging home a 24″ iMac. Holy Moley – it’s like using a movie theater screen as a desktop. A truly fantastic machine. Yeah I hear all you people with a Watchyacallit-Pro sneering, “A consumer model, eh?” You damn betcha – that’s me – a consumer!

With all this 802.11n equipment around we had the perfect excuse to pick up a new AirPort Extreme. Again – WOW! It took about 10 seconds to set up and we are now using it to share a laser printer and USB hard drive among all the machines on our network (more than a few).

Finally it seemed totally unfair that our TiVos had to continue on with their tired, worn-out, 802.11b adapters so that all got retrofitted with brand spanking new TiVo brand 802.11g’s.

So, you see, I have been busy. Plus I have an even more perfect excuse for my absence here – I’m giving my loyal readers (more than one now, I’m pretty sure) what they want – less of me.



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