Live Free or Die Hard

The fourth Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard will be out in a week or so and I can’t wait for the DVD release so I can add it to my Christmas movie collection. As a result of the opening Bruce Willis is chatting up the press and talking about the history of Die Hard.

Here’s a neat piece of trivia, Bruce wasn’t the first choice for this role, in fact according to him, he was about 50th. At the time he was staring in the Moonlighting TV series with Cybill Shepard and was told by the network he could not do a movie.

Front runners to play John McClane included Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Richard Gere, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. All turned the role down. Then all of sudden (well there may have been planning, I don’t really know) Cybill became pregnant and Moonlighting went on hiatus. Bruce was free to do a movie and Die Hard was ready for him.

Willis was paid $5 million dollars for the first Die Hard movie in 1988 and according to him, “It was an enormous amount of money for the time“. Reality check Bruce, it’s still an enormous amount of money!

So there you have it – a new Die Hard in plenty of time for Christmas. But somehow I just can’t shake the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger sliding across a concrete floor with bloody feet yelling, “Yippee-ki-yay, motherf**ker!


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