Eight Random Facts or Habits

I wasn’t actually tagged by Iced Mocha to list eight random facts or habits about myself but since she threw out a blanket invitation I’m going to pretend that she meant me.

1. I am a software engineer by profession and I am really lazy. You might think those are two independent facts but they are actually related. The best software engineers are usually very lazy and, as a result, invent creative automated ways to keep from having to do repetitive tasks. I may be the exception to this rule.

2. I hate cold and snow and migrated to the south to escape it.

3. I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area contributing to #2 above.

4. I am an amateur genealogist and spend an inordinate amount of time rooting around in old records that are available online.

5. I love to visit different places but I hate to travel. I always enjoy visiting someplace but I hate getting there and getting home again. In recent years the TSA has not helped this situation.

6. I am an avid reader but with limited time I have mostly turned to audio books which I listen to on my commute to/from work. For books that I do actually read I usually use a Pocket PC or Palm to read an eBook version.

7. I once met author Clive Cussler at a book signing (his not mine) and he told me that he had modeled his Dirk Pitt character after me. I immediately left so as not to hear him say this to anyone else.

8. Like Iced Mocha I very much dislike talking on the telephone and I rarely do it. I call my Mom once a week which is proof positive that I love her very much.


One Response to Eight Random Facts or Habits

  1. icedmocha says:

    Thanks for taking the baton. šŸ™‚
    I’m so with you on #2 (except that I haven’t migrated yet) and #5 as well. They say ‘it’s the journey’ but for me, it’s the destination that counts. Could traveling be any more inconvenient? TSA: that’s not a challenge to come up with more hurdles. Please.

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