Meet Celebrities and Get Rich

Earlier today I was cutting the grass and listening to Bon Jovi sing Livin’ on a Prayer (Live version). I can see what you are thinking – fertile ground for the big idea. Boy, are you ever right on – I had a doozie. Now I expect most of you, in the same situation, would be concentrating on Tommy and Gina and how in the hell they will survive on Gina’s pay from the diner alone. Not me! I was thinking about Jon Bon Jovi’s family. I mean this poor guy probably can’t go anywhere without being mobbed by people. Same thing for his wife Dorothea and the kids. Jon probably has to spend a hefty chunk of his rock fortune buying a little privacy for his family.

Then it struck me! I am surrounded by privacy and it is FREE! I’ll bet if you think about it you are probably in the same boat. So, here is my big idea – gather up some of that free privacy you have and sell it to needy celebrities. This costs you nothing and you get to hang out with famous people. Before long you will find yourself filthy rich and have, at least, a couple of BFF celeb relationships.

I’ve had big ideas before (and to those of you who have followed my advice I am profoundly sorry) but this one just feels different!

Maybe you just want the money without the hassle of celeb friendships. No problem, this is your choice although, speaking solely for myself, I could probably clear a little time to hang with, say, Anna Kournikova.

So that’s the big idea. You’re welcome and I have dibs on Bon Jovi.


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