What Tubes?

I was reading a blog today about Senator Ted Stevens and his recent spate of troubles and the writer referred to Ted’s career as “going down the tubes“. Ok, I’m not really sure who Ted Stevens is and, frankly, I care even less. What I want to know is where is this tubes expression came from?

I did an Internet search and, apparently, tons of things are going down the tubes, but, what tubes? I mean, if you think about something like draining a bath tub (love that little vortex funnel at the end) you would expect a reasonable person to say his career went down the pipes!

That makes sense, right? Come on – who has tubes and what goes down them?

I think this expression was probably started by some imbecile who didn’t understand the concept of a pipe. My guess is someone from England with all their funny talk – Loo and such. Then other people heard this expression and, not wanting to look foolish simply repeated it (Brilliant old chap!). We’ve got to stop this madness.

After reading this entry I’m sure you’ll agree that, if nothing else, this blog is going down the pipes! Thanks for riding along.


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