iTunes Movies – I don’t get it!

So, my wife is madly in love with her Video iPod and my eyesight is way too good, probably from lack of strain. You can see where this is going – I’m ordering a video iPod.

Since it has a name that starts with video I, naturally, think of movies. I love movies.

Anyway I run off to the iTunes store to check out the movie selection and instantly become appalled. And, trust me, I much prefer to slowly become appalled. What is the deal here? The movies on iTunes cost as much, or more, than the same movies on DVD. This makes no sense to me – consider the following:

  1. Movies from iTunes are DRM protected.
  2. I can’t loan iTunes movies to friends.
  3. I can’t sell an iTunes movie when I’m finished with it.
  4. I can’t donate one to my library.
  5. I can’t burn a copy of my iTunes movie to DVD.
  6. If I lose my iTunes movie I can’t download another copy.

And as a bonus for putting up with all these limitations, which incidentally don’t exist for DVD’s, I get to pay a premium.

Consider the following random selection between movies on iTunes and DVD’s purchased from Deep Discount DVD (which includes free shipping and no sales tax).

  • Island in the Sky (Duke Wayne): iTunes – $9.99, Deep Discount: $9.52
  • 10 Things I Hate About You: iTunes: $9.99, Deep Discount: $9.52
  • Rocky: iTunes: $9.99, Deep Discount: $9.65
  • Lost, Season 3: iTunes: $34.99 (missing bonus material), Deep Discount: $46.12

Ok, I think you see the pattern. Oh, and this is just a guess, but I suspect the DVD movies are slightly higher quality.

I hope you’re listening Fake Steve Jobs!


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