ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 3

Alternative 2

In part 1 and part 2 of this series I discuss problems with and potential solutions to ATG distributed repository cache options. As a second alternative I considered completely replacing the cache used by the ATG Repository. I know, at first this sounds crazy but if you think about it why shouldn’t you be able to plug-in a new cache to ATG’s Repository?

If you spend even a few minutes researching this you will find, as I did, that ATG has not designed the repository cache to be replaced. At the time the Repository was designed this was probably a reasonable approach but now that we have standards like JSR-107 JCACHE it seems rather limiting. My plan, the grand scheme as it were, was to convince my upper management to convince ATG’s upper management that supporting a plug-in repository cache would be in both ATG’s and their customer’s best interest.

Before initiating this plan I wanted to find a top notch enterprise cache that could be used as a replacement and get the people behind it involved as a partner. This was, for me at least, an easy selection. I have long been a fan of Tangosol (now Oracle) Coherence and this is the product I wanted to use as a distributed repository cache.

I had several virtual conversations with Cameron Purdy, Founder and CEO of Tangosol, and now something-or-the-other with Oracle. I’d met Cameron several years ago and I had briefly asked if any ATG customers were using Coherence. Apparently not. My hope was to get some of Cameron’s folks onboard and try to convince ATG to partner with them to offer Coherence as a plug in replacement for the ATG Repository cache.

I think Cameron was interested in this idea but, I suspect, he has so many things on his radar these days that this just hasn’t bubbled up to a visible position.

I still think this is a good idea but I need a solution now and things on this front are moving way too slowly so I set out to look at other alternatives.


3 Responses to ATG Repository Distributed Caches, Part 3

  1. It might be late reply to your post but just wanted to check it seems ATG 10 allows Oracle Coherence to be integrated. Had u ever got time to check on it again.

    I am surely going to try it this time. Let me know if u have abt it.

  2. Ashish says:


    Did you try out the Coherence? It would be helpful if you share your views on the same.


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