Back from Vacation!

It’s been a while since my last post because I took a break from doing nothing (and doing it well) to do nothing on vacation. To be honest I had Internet access for most of our trip but, in an effort to do less than normal, I avoided posting here – it was pretty much the only thing left to cut.

Anyway, my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation. We started with four days in Vancouver, BC. What a fabulous city – we completely enjoyed spending time there, especially breakfast at Scoozis (they make lattes right at your table).

We then boarded the Carnival Spirit for a 12 day cruise to Hawaii. We were part of the Legacy Family Tree Genealogy cruise. The cruise was outstanding. In addition to five days of genealogy classes while we were on open ocean there seemed to be an endless supply of food and booze. We had Internet access onboard via satellite but it was soooo slow that it made me yearn for the days of 9600 baud dial-up.

Once we reached Hawaii we spent 6 days visiting ports. This was a lot of fun we’d visit a new port each day, arriving about 7am or 8am and remaining until 6pm or 7pm. This allowed us to take tours and do a lot of shopping. At night the ship would sail into international waters so that Carnival could open the casino and dock at a new port the following morning.

The cruise ended in Honolulu and we then spent 4 days in Waikiki. I have mixed feelings about our time on Ohau. We really enjoyed visiting the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. We also had a good time swimming in the ocean from beautiful Waikiki beaches but Honolulu and Waikiki were not much different from any big city. They were crowded and very expensive. When we return to Hawaii we will skip Honolulu altogether.

Finally, on our way home from Honolulu, we stopped for a few days to visit friends in Tacoma, Washington. This was a truly awesome stop as we managed to catch the beautiful fall coloring of leaves. We visited the normal tourist attractions: The Space Needle, Pikes Place Market, Starbuck’s first store, the Seattle ferries (yeah the Grey’s Anatomy one – didn’t see Izzy). But we also took a fantastic drive through the mountains ending at the Leavenworth, WA Octoberfest (beer and brats). Many thanks to F & J for taking time out of your busy lives to show us a good time.

Some of the pictures we took on the trip are available here. Enjoy.


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