Back to my roots …

As it turns out, I’m an amateur genealogist. This fact is easy to over look because I am an amateur at so many things! Anyway, one of the things I’ve noticed researching my family tree is that I come from a long line of farmers. Of course back in the olden days, you know – before Google, there weren’t all that many types of jobs and a good portion of the population lived or worked on farms. So, without putting too fine a point on it, my family is sturdy farmer stock. At least they were until I came along.

Recently I’ve been thinking about getting back to my roots in the form of putting in a garden. I checked into this but it involved working with so much yucky dirt that, frankly, I was put off. But that is history. Recently our good friends J&F took my wife and I to Sur La Table near Pikes Place Market in Seattle. That’s where I ran smack dab into my family heritage in the form of the AeroGarden Indoor Garden Appliance. Right – it’s a garden AND a gadget!


After a short chat with the sales clerk, who offered free shipping, I was the proud owner of a garden. Man I am a sucker for free. After it arrived my wife and I set it up and immediately started a growing cycle.





It feels great to get back to my roots and my fingernails are still clean! In a few weeks we’ll have a harvest and y’all can come over for some salad.


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