Say Hey Hey

Ok, so you think you’d like to start the year of right by dating some new people. Well the folks at think that the YouTube generation needs video clips to help perfect the date matching problem.

I’m not really looking to date anyone (honest honey) but I did have a pretty good time investigating what’s out there. Top of the list is the “Thick Dick” girl who, apparently, is single again after Trigger’s passing. Another hottie is the tart grape leaf girl who eats her grape leaves while throwing away the “juicy good” grapes.

SayHeyHey also offers good dating tips for guys whose common sense has been warped by excessive ‘puter vibes. Top of the tip list:

  • Don’t look down your date’s shirt on the first date. If you think you won’t get a second date this is probably OK.
  • Don’t assume all dark skinned girls are from Mexico.
  • Learn Russian geography – there are more than two cities in Russia.
  • Don’t talk about sports – girls aren’t interested and those they say they are, are liars.
  • Don’t assume pretty girls are stupid. Especially Russian ones!
  • Don’t be too cocky (it seems some girls disagree)
  • Don’t be too insecure – that’s a turn off.
  • Don’t talk about all the girls you’ve had (might tie in with too cocky).
  • Avoid Hooters for a first date.

After a while I got tired of looking at the videos but I’m still inthralled with running my mouse over the site logo and having it say “Say Hey Hey” to me.


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