Time for a new Prez

Next week Iowa will kick of the 2009 presidential election which will result in Dubya’s replacement being inaugurated sometime in the distant future. Let me pause for a moment to just say, YAY!

I know there has been some press already about this whole political bug-a-boo but I’d like to address two burning questions that most seem to have overlooked.

Question 1: Why Mike Huckabee?

Question 2: Why is Iowa so important?

See, you had completely missed these, hadn’t you? Think about it.

Here are my answers:

Answer 1: Because he has a really, really, really fun name. Say it 10 times fast. You crazy Huckabee.

Answer 2: Because it is the birthplace of James T. Kirk. Don’t believe me? Better rent Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home again.

You’re welcome – I had nothing better to do.


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